Welcome to Gimme Shelter, a blog about the great indoors. I’m Emma, an indoors person.

As an avid crafter, reader, and late-night TV watcher, I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the great indoors. Where else can you spend hours doing whatever you want, uninterrupted?! (said the only child…)

Well, now we all have to spend the bulk of our time at home, whether we like it or not! This is a blog to remind me – and hopefully others – that home can be a place to find creativity, inspiration, and some of life’s greatest joys – like a fulfilling hobby, time with family, or a beautiful pasta recipe (my personal favorite!)

In the future, I will be able to post more about normal life in NYC, but for now, welcome to my life in the great indoors!

Find me on IG @gimmeshelterknits.

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